What do Chris Martin, Rory McIllroy and David Beckham all have in common? They all learnt that even talent, experience and strong finances need a helping hand to cross the Atlantic. Sometimes, success on one side can be a challenge to achieve on the other.

And it’s no wonder.

With very different taxation, investment and advisory systems to navigate, it’s easy to be blown off course. Taxation laws, punitive fines and two complex but very different regulatory frameworks can result in treacherous headwinds for the unwary.

So how do you meet these challenges, work towards your personal ambitions and ensure your journey across the Atlantic to the US or UK is plain sailing?

The answer is David James Wealth USA.

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Because we’ve taken that journey.

We’ve lived and worked in both the USA and the UK. We have an in-depth understanding of your challenges, the regulations facing you in both territories and the pitfalls to avoid.

We will work closely with you to manage your assets and investments with confidence while striving to maximize their potential growth. We’ll strip away the complexity of splitting your finances between countries with one simple solution.

All delivered by one team. And with one aim.

To help you Plan with Purpose to work towards your goals and help build a portfolio that we believe aligns with your risk objectives. We’ll be by your side and ready to manage your money seamlessly wherever it sits.

And wherever you are on your journey, we’re ready to listen.

I am a returning expatriate from USA so I have pensions and investments on both sides of the Atlantic and my financial affairs are more complex than I can handle alone.

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Has getting things organized
been on your mind?

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